Security is better with our 5 year warranty.

When it comes to safety, security and protection, Panasonic leads the way with innovative solutions, including an extended 5-year, no-cost warranty, designed to meet a diverse range of security requirements.

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The future of security 

From state-of-the-art facial recognition software with real time notification, to advanced heat mapping technologies, Panasonic provides definitive, strategic solutions to capture, record, view, manage and analyze security video images.

Beyond security, our systems can be used to provide additional insight including people counting with age and gender detection, high and low traffic areas and migration patterns – a proven advantage to marketers in the retail sector.

Discover how Canadians feel about security 

We have a full suite of products and solutions for your security requirements

360 Degree Cameras

Panoramic dome network cameras, perfect for a wide variety of applications

Fixed Network Colour Cameras

Advanced processing, high sensitivity and connected to your network

Fixed Network Dome Cameras 

Outstanding performance even under the most challenging light conditions

PTZ Network Cameras

For applications requiring flexible pan, tilt and zoom functionality 

Vandal-Resistant Network Cameras

Designed for locations that may be subject to abuse or other rough treatment

4K Network Cameras

12 megapixel 4K ULTRA HD imaging sensor cameras, setting the new standard

5 Year Warranty

Panasonic provides its customers with a bold five-year warranty for their video security product line-up. With a legacy of over 50 years of trusted innovation in security technology, Panasonic remains committed to delivering confidence in the integrity of its products. 

Limited Warranty Details:

Security Product



5 year parts and labour

Control systems and switchers

5 year parts and labour

Digital recorders

5 year parts and labour

Video encoders and decoders

5 year parts and labour

Security Product

Coverage Exceptions


2 year parts and labour

Pan & tilt mechanism, lens, motors, fans, slip rings

1 year parts and labour

Housing and brackets

1 year parts and labour

Hard disk drive unit

1 year plus the balance (if any) of the original manufacturer's limited warranty

Panasonic software

90 days - replacement only

Service Inquiries:

If a problem with your equipment develops during the warranty period contact your Panasonic dealer where you originally purchased the products.

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